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Ryan Bourque

Founder: RL Bourque LLC

Co-Founder: Strength & Sound

hey folks,

      Ryan here, at your service. I’m just a small town boy from South Louisiana who’s had a love for music for as long as I can remember.  Growing up where the music culture transcends all aspects of life, I’ve  always listened to all types of music

At the age of 12 I found myself trapped in a nightmare.  Losing my mother to cancer really did a number on me, on my heart, in the depth of my soul, the pain of such a significant loss had a major impact. Ending up with a diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome caused from being under an extensive amount of stress at such a young age. At that time I needed an outlet. Something to calm me, something that could help me with the nervousness inside. The anxiety and twitches that threatened to consume me.

That’s when I took every thing in, all those years of listening to music and how it made me feel, how each song brought a different memory and different feeling to life. I had my dad buy my very first Walkman headset. Placing it on my ears and hitting play set my soul on fire. It made me feel free. It took me back to the good days and it reminded of the memories I was so scared to loss.

Over those years I became fascinated with gadgetry. Learning and researching each and every way to listen to my outlet, my peace of mind. From Walkman to iPods and smart phones music has and always will be a major part of my life, always at my finger tips.


We have created a system that gives a number of products, narrowing it down to the perfect, comfortable, durable, sustainable, hassle free headphones for all to enjoy.

Live Today

With the growth of technology through the years. Finding the best products to stream those tunes with the ultimate listening power is key when getting lost in the music. That’s where we come in, let Matt, Myself and the Team here at become the staple you need in finding the best products.


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