A Buyer’s Perspective

A Buyer's Perspective

A look at the headphone industry through the consumers eyes


March 2019

1:0 in the world of electronics

In my opinion if you were a major player in an industry in most cases it would be naïve for consumers to make such permanent judgment calls when they have an unfavorable experience with a product.

The way I see it, nowadays these big name brands are so well equipped to produce quality goods at such competitive rates, they are able to maintain their enormous sales volume.

It would be foolish to overlook solid statistics and cruise just to self diagnose a brand as bad by your own merit . 

I mean this is not to be mistaken for bad customer service, especially when dealing with the new gadget you’ve been just dying to play with after work, but the set of glitches forcing you to call the manufacturer, aka “Customer Service”, has angered you to the point of purchasing a different brand.

All the while trying to break through the language barrier for what seems to be an eternity and making little to no progress along the way.

What I mean is if they treat you like dirt then by all means drop them if you want to, but please just don’t drop a world-class brand for one flawed mass-produced product.

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